Ancient Marriage Return

A return to the ancient ways is currently taking place. This societal shift will bring an understanding of masculine and feminine energy.

It will motivate men and women to respect their differences and fully embrace equality.

The current relationship template will be replaced by an ancient one, bringing about balance and empowerment for everyone.

This return will also create more harmony, unconditional love and deep sexual chemistry between partners.

Helen Fisher, PhD, a Biological Anthropologist, Research Professor and member of the Center for Human Evolution Studies in the Department of Anthropology at Rutgers University has done a lot of research on the return of the ancient marriage.


Her work mirrors widespread intuitive and spiritual wisdom about the return and documents some of the challenges and opportunities that we’ll face as relationship changes come about. One of the most amazing evolutionary experiences taking place is the heightened potential to sustain passion and romance for life.

When discussing the ancient relationship template, I refer to men and women instead of masculine energy partners and feminine energy partners. When I refer to women I am speaking to both the men and the women that have more feminine energy than masculine energy at their core; and vice versa. Men as well as women have both masculine and feminine energy, but one of these energies will always be dominant.

About 85% of women and 15% of men carry mostly feminine energy and the reverse is true with masculine energy. As core energy isn’t related to sexual orientation, you will find straight women, straight men, lesbian women and gay men with core feminine energy and the same is true for masculine energy.

Feminine energy is magnetic and is responsible for intuition, compassion and creativity while masculine energy is attractive and is responsible for logic, passion and action. Every romantic relationship will have a partner with mostly feminine energy and another with mostly masculine energy. When the feminine energy partner appreciates, trusts and respects her partner it inspires the masculine energy partner to cherish, desire and make her his number one priority.

Romantic love, cooperation and equality are created when the mind (masculine energy) follows the heart (feminine energy) and the two of you work together as a team. This creates a vibrant and loving partnership; a relationship that honors the masculine and the feminine.

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