Couples Therapy in Toronto: What is It & How Will it Benefit Us?

Can You Benefit from Couples Therapy?

Couples frequently come to the realization that their relationship would benefit from couples therapy when they’ve run out of ideas to re-connect, stop arguing, find common ground, communicate better and capture hope for the future on their own.

When is the Right Time to See a Couples Counsellor?

There are many reasons that couples enter therapy for, but the most popular reasons include wanting to:

– Improve communication

– Handle conflict better

– Reignite love and connection

– Feel more like a team

– Treat one another with kindness and respect

– Explore common interests and hobbies

– Feel important to each other

– Make their relationship more of a priority

– Figure out if they can be happy together

In couples therapy, each partner has the opportunity to speak from their own perspective with the therapist being a neutral party that doesn’t take sides making the therapy environment one that lowers stress, promotes learning and cooperation and facilitates finding solutions that are going to work best for both partners in the relationship to feel happier, more confident and in sync as a couple.

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