How Can Stress Management Therapy Help Reduce My Stress & Anxiety?

Can You Benefit from Stress Management Counselling?

Most adults today feel a fair bit of stress in their lives. Work stress is at the top of the list followed closely by finances and relationships. Things have gotten to the point in our busy society that being overwhelmed by stress seems pretty normal. As common as stress is, when it becomes constant and is at a high level, it’s no longer normal.

It’s true that having some stress in your life is unavoidable. Having ‘some stress’ however, refers to the kind of stress you experience from time to time, not the kind that creates distress and dysfunction in your life on a regular basis.

Taking stress seriously is important because it not only affects us mentally and emotionally but it takes a toll on us physically where 80-90% of illnesses are related to stress. The good news is that preventing stress related concerns is possible by getting to know more about the stress you are experiencing and what you can do to relieve it.

This is where Stress Management Therapy can be beneficial.

What Does Therapy for Stress and Anxiety Consist Of?

Stress Management Therapy consists of assessing the level of stress in your life and setting goals to reduce those levels through the use of a number of tools and strategies aimed at strengthening your awareness and problem solving skills to keep stress at a level that you can manage.

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