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What is Confidence Therapy or Counselling?

Confidence Counselling offers you an opportunity to take a look at your innermost thoughts, feelings and behaviours so that you can understand how they fit together to contribute to your low sense of confidence.

One of the most important ways that confidence counselling helps you is that it empowers you to face your fears and find ways increase your confidence on an ongoing basis so that you can move closer to your goals and achieve everything that is important to you in your life.

Even though confidence is critical in every aspect of our lives, unfortunately, it’s very common for people to struggle with having enough confidence in themselves. Are you someone that isn’t as confident as you would like to be either personally or professionally?

A strong sense of confidence is necessary in order to be successful in life. But what exactly is it?

Confidence is an attitude about your ability and the sense of control that you have over your life. It often includes how good you feel about yourself.

People who are confident believe in themselves and trust in their abilities. For skills that they are lacking, the trust they then have is in their ability to learn whatever is necessary to move forward in a particular circumstance and achieve their goals.

Confident individuals understand that life has its share of ups and downs and know how to maintain a positive attitude about themselves and their abilities in the event of failures. They simply dust themselves off and try again, using plenty of internal acceptance, motivation and encouragement.

Everyone has insecurities. The difference between a confident person and someone lacking in confidence is that the confident person will acknowledge their insecurities but look to take action to feel better about themselves; whereas someone that doesn’t feel very confident will be reminded of an insecurity they have and choose either consciously or unconsciously to indulge the insecurity and focus on it, making it larger than life.

The excellent news is that having confidence in one’s self is a skill that can be learned. Counselling and psychotherapy can offer you the tools and strategies to change your perspecitive about yourself.

Confidence stems from having and nurturing feelings self-worth, being compassionate and accepting toward one’s self and cultivating a belief in your own abilities, skills and strengths.

Practicing acceptance, challenging self-defeating thoughts, improving boundary setting, increasing interpersonal skills, exploring your interests and goals, shifting your beliefs about yourself, others and the world, positive thinking, being mindful and gaining greater awareness into your thoughts and feelings are all key in terms of increasing your confidence levels.

Therapists are skilled in understanding how a lack of confidence influences almost every aspect of your life and are equipped with the tools and strategies to boost your confidence and start leading a happier and ultimately far more fulfilling life.

Our therapists at Susan Blackburn Psychology offer Confidence Counselling by appointment in Toronto at Yonge and Eglinton.

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