Happiness Therapy Toronto: What is it & How Can it Help Me?

Happiness Counselling: Everything You Need to Know

Happiness is the emotion that we feel when we are in a state of mind consisting of equal parts joy and relaxation.

Essentially, happiness means that you are feel good. It is the absence of emotional pain, distress and sadness.

There are many circumstances in your life that it is normal to feel out of sorts or down due to disappointment, loss, worry, or loneliness, but a lack of happiness becomes problematic when you are unable to shake those feelings or when feeling unfulfilled becomes your default setting.

For some people, happiness can fleeting or elusive, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Like most other things in life, happiness is a skill. Part of the problem surrounding happiness is that it looks easy when you see other people experiencing it. It doesn’t look like something that needs to be learned and practiced over time to become a habit.

The goal of Happiness Therapy is to take a look at your life and put it together in such a way that provides you with the best possible environment for happiness, positivity and fulfillment.

A close cousin of happiness is hope, and in order to sustain happiness over a period of time you need to develop daily habits that spark joy, promote relaxation and offer hope. Happiness therapy provides the tools and strategies to examine your life and adjust it to enhance the level of satisfaction and fulfillment in your life.

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