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I’m grateful that I’ve had the privilege of serving this community and working with so many incredible men, women and couples in my private practise over the past 17 years.

Effective August 2023, I have closed Susan Blackburn Psychology to follow my heart’s calling and soul purpose to move to Hawaii to dedicate my time to The Forever Love Method and Evo Blu, the groundbreaking integration of my practical skills as a clinical psychologist and my spiritual gifts as in an intuitive empath to heal your heart, master your mind and reprogram your subconscious for success in life and love on your soul’s destined path.

The Forever Love Method has been designed as a virtual group coaching program for women with big hearts that want to sustain everlasting True Love, marriage and children, AND make a difference in the world at the same time.

 If you are on a spiritual journey and feel called to work with me at The Forever Love Method and Evo Blu, please reach me at

If you are an existing or previous client, it has been an honour working with you, and I wish you continued happiness and success in your life. If you have only just found me, my very best wishes to you also.

I’m happy to provide referrals — here are the names of several excellent therapists whose work I hold in high regard:

Haley Blumenfeld, MSW, RSW

Zainab Isah

Estelle Morrison M.Ed. RP

Lesley Lacny, M.A.

Esther Benbihy, M.A.

Carol-Anne Austin, M.A.

Mira Appleby

Mills | Gosse Psychology

Dalton Associates

Ontario Psychological Association Find a Psychologist Search

If you would like to follow my healing work with women at The Forever Love Method and Evo Blu (my Evolutionary Blueprint where I work with horses to accelerate heart healing, and in the process of establishing an educational curriculum for a forest Mind, Body, Soul school for children, The Monarch School) please visit

Mahalo and warmest wishes,


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