Therapies Overview

Can You Benefit from a Specific Type of Therapy?

Therapy comes from the Latin word therapia which means curing or healing.

There are many types of psychotherapy, counselling, psychology and coaching therapies. Different therapies are used to help clients alleviate their issues and concerns, problem-solve, overcome challenges, change patterns of behaviour, build effective coping skills and enhance the quality of their lives.

Even though there are many beneficial evidence-based therapies, research shows that the most significant indicator of having success in therapy is the strength of the relationship or fit that you have with your therapist. As long as your therapist is competent, the most important factor is having a therapist that you like and feel a strong therapeutic connection with because they make you feel important, comfortable and supported.

Therapies offered at Susan Blackburn Psychology include the following:

Susan Blackburn Psychology offers Anxiety Counselling, Confidence Counselling, Coping Skills Therapy, Happiness Counselling, Psychological Services, Relationship Counselling, Self Esteem Counselling, Stress Management Counselling and related therapies in Toronto at Yonge and Eglinton.

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