Be the Butterfly

Have you been knocking yourself out trying to convince your partner to come closer? Does it seem like your man doesn’t know a good thing when he sees it?

I’m in no way suggesting that you aren’t and it isn’t, but if you and your relationship were really so great, why are working so hard to state your case?

Perhaps it’s you that doubts just how fabulous you are.

The effort you expend trying to convince him of just about anything dims your light. It’s your light that makes you radiant, captivating and alive.

Catching A Butterfly 2011

The truth is, when you’re really confident about something, you don’t waste your breath trying to change anyone in to a believer. You simply and gracefully go about your business knowing that you and things in your world are wonderful.

At some level of his awareness, your man knows this.

When you try to convince him of your worth, it will never feel right to him.

He knows how valuable you are, but when you go into overdrive in an attempt to sell yourself, he will automatically step back and question it. It doesn’t feel right when an amazing woman spends time spelling out the obvious. It starts to feel like maybe it’s not such a good deal after all.

To make matters worse, it starts to burden him. It doesn’t sound to him like a wonderful vision. Instead, it seems like you have this grand dream and you’re trying to slot him into the man part of it. It feels impersonal. He needs to feel special. He doesn’t want to play a role that any man could fill.

If anything, the person you need to be convincing to step into your dream is you. You don’t need to dream for him. Appreciate, trust and respect him enough to create his own dream and find a way to fit you into it.

It should be your choice. As a woman, your power lies in creating for yourself and being receptive to your man and his dreams.

Put your butterfly net away. Let go of your struggles and fly. Be the butterfly, not the hunter.

If you can do this authentically, with fun, laughter and creativity, maybe he’ll catch you in his net for a change. Let him convince you. Then you can decide whether his dream fits with yours and if it’s worthy of you and all that you are.

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