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Susan Blackburn Psychology offers individual counselling and psychotherapy, couples therapy and group counselling for a number of concerns including confidence, anxiety, self-esteem, stress management, relationships, mindfulness and self care.

Our clients work with us to successfully build coping strategies and enhance their lives by focusing on some of the following areas in therapy:

– Increasing Your Confidence
– Building Coping Skills and Strategies for Anxiety
– How to Enhance Your Self-Esteem
– Implementing Methods to Reduce Stress and Manage Feeling Overwhelmed
– Practicing Effective Tips to Create Happy, Fulfilling Relationships
– Recognizing the Importance of Staying Present and Mindful Every Day
– Speaking Up and Being Assertive in Communication
– Finding the Personal and Professional Success You Desire
– Finding the Best and Most Effective Ways to Meditate
– Strengthening the Art of Setting and Enforcing Personal Boundaries
– Cultivating Life Balance
– Training Your Mind to Think Positively
– Trusting Your Intuition
– Recognizing the Connection Between Mind and Body
– Making Self Care a Big Part of Your Life

Are you ready to make some positive changes in your life? We would be happy to work with you to find a greater sense of confidence, happiness and positivity. You deserve to live an amazing life.

Book an appointment with us if you’re ready to become the happiest person you know.

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