Virtual Book Club Selection for August

Our virtual book club selection for August is ‘Experience Your Good Now!’,

This amazing book on affirmations by Louise L. Haye that will catupult your life from wherever you are currently to a joy-filled, rich and abundant existence in love and in every other area in your life.

I’m a huge fan of Louise L. Haye’s and look forward to sharing her wisdom with you! Here’s an excerpt:

Experience Your Good Now!

Experience Your Good Now Book Club 2011

by Louise L. Haye

Doing affirmations is consciously choosing to think certain thoughts that will manifest positive results in the future. They create a focal point that will allow you to begin changing your thinking.

Affirmative statements are going beyond the reality of the present into the creation of the future through the words you use in the now. When you choose to say “I am very prosperous,” you may actually have very little money in the bank at the moment, but what you’re doing is planting seeds for future prosperity. Each time you repeat this statement, you’re reaffirming the seeds you’ve planted in the atmosphere of your mind. That’s why you want it to be a happy atmosphere. Things grow much quicker in fertile, rich soil.

It’s important for you to always say your affirmations in the present tense, and without contractions. (Although I use contractions throughout the running text of my books, I never use them in affirmations, since I don’t want to diminish their power.) For example, typical affirmations would start: “I have . . .” or “I am . . .”

If you say, “I am going to . . .” or “I will have . . . ,” then your thought stays out there in the future. The Universe takes your thoughts and words very literally and gives you what you say you want. Always.

This is another reason to maintain a happy mental atmosphere. It’s easier to think in positive affirmations when you feel good. Think of it this way: Every thought you think counts, so don’t waste your precious thoughts. Every positive thought brings good into your life. Every negative thought pushes good away; it keeps it just out of your reach. How many times in your life have you almost gotten something good and it seemed to be snatched away at the last moment? If you could remember what your mental atmosphere was like at those times, you’d have the answer. Too many negative thoughts create a barrier against positive affirmations.

If you say, “I don’t want to be sick anymore,” this is not an affirmation for good health. You have to state clearly what you do want: “I accept perfect health now.” “I hate this car” does not bring you a wonderful new car because you’re not being clear. Even if you do get a new car, in a short time you’ll probably hate it, because that’s what you’ve been affirming. If you want a new car, then say something like this: “I have a beautiful new car that suits all of my needs.”

You’ll hear some people saying, “Life sucks!” (which is a terrible affirmation). Can you imagine what experiences that statement will attract to you? Of course, it isn’t life that sucks, it’s your thinking that sucks. That thought will help you feel terrible. And when you feel terrible, no good can come into your life.

Don’t waste time arguing for your limitations: poor relationships, problems, illnesses, poverty, and so on. The more you talk about the problem, the more you anchor it in place. Don’t blame others for what is seemingly wrong in your life—that’s just another waste of time. Remember, you’re under the laws of your own consciousness, your own thoughts, and you attract specific experiences to you as a result of the way you think.

I hope you find this book helpful and inspiring in creating a life of balance, passion and purpose! You can find new or used copies here, or you can always check your local library. As you read, add your thoughts and questions to the comments below. I’ll be answering questions and adding my thoughts as well for the month of August.

Happy reading!

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