Personal Limits

If your relationship isn’t as satisfying as you’d like it to be, you might need to set bigger personal limits.

A personal limit, or boundary is a dividing line between you and your significant other as well as others. This line indicates both physical and emotional limits that your partner and others cannot violate.

When someone crosses one of your personal limits, it creates intense feelings of anger, hurt and rage. In some cases, your personal limits might have been crossed so many times that you are no longer in touch with your outrage. You might brush it off as either ‘nothing’ or ‘not worth saying anything about’. Instead of feeling anger you may only be able to get in touch with feelings of resentment or possibly frustration causing a disconnect in your relationship.

Setting personal limits is vital to creating a close, satisfying relationship.

When we don’t know how to set and stand up for our personal limits, relationships are difficult and unsatisfying because they don’t meet our needs for happiness. When we have a strong sense of our personal limits, it prevents us from being hurt by others.

When you set and enforce personal limits it raises your sense of self-confidence, because you’re sending yourself and your partner a strong message that you are valuable and worthy of the utmost respect. This makes your partner feel safe because he or she knows what you want and don’t want, instead of tiptoeing on eggshells.

Expressing our limits is allows your partner to know you in the truest sense. When the one we love knows us intimately we feel more closely connected.

There are certain personal limits that we all share, such as no one can hit me, but many of them are unique to our individual personalities. What are some of your personal limits?

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