The Power of Positivity

Your body will believe anything that your mind tells it.

If you tell yourself that you won the lottery and can say it without enough excitement and emotion, your body will respond as though it’s true!

You will become more energized, stand taller, speak louder and faster and exhibit other positive body language. The reverse is also true.

When you engage negative self-talk your body doesn’t know whether it’s true or not.

It will respond in kind and become sluggish, drained and show other signs of helplessness and sometimes, illness.

Positive Thinking 2011

Seeing how much influence your thoughts have over your body and the world around you is important. It’s not only your body that you impact, but everything and everyone that you come into contact with. Your partner, for example is highly affected by your thoughts.

You can change your relationship, career, level of happiness and every aspect in your life by gaining control over your thoughts. This is a great incentive to insist on creating thoughts that will bring that which you desire into your relationship and your life.

An example of the power of thoughts and emotions at work is when you walk into your home or greet your partner at the end of the day. You often know immediately whether you feel at ease and comfortable. The energy in the room and around your partner is a result of their thoughts. Sometimes your home is radiating peacefulness and other times the energy is tense.

The next time you find your partner is in a negative mood, don’t be influenced by their thoughts and energy. Instead, challenge yourself to overpower their demeanor by focusing on something helpful and energizing for you. Allow your thoughts, emotions and behaviors to positively change your partner. Don’t be a victim by allowing their negative thoughts to take hold of you! Fight it off with positivity.

Studies have been done to prove that our thoughts and emotions influence physical matter such as our bodies and inanimate objects like water. Speaking lovingly is known to create crystalized water that forms beautiful shapes, while the exact same water when spoken to in a fearful or hateful manner produces mishapen, and otherwise ‘ugly’ forms.

Your body and that of your partner are mostly comprised of water. Never underestimate that impact that you have with each and every thought.

To help you take control of your thoughts, get in the habit of replacing any negative thoughts you have with positive ones. Some sentence stems to help you achieve this include the following: I’m confident that ___________. I trust that ___________. I’m determined to ____________. I believe that _________. I’m committed to ________. I know that ____________. I’m certain that __________.

Specific thoughts might look like this: I’m confident that this is going to be an excellent day. I trust that everthing is going to work out perfectly. I’m determined to focus on the positive. I believe that I have the power to create happiness and abundance in my life. I’m committed to creating the best life possible. I know that my partner loves me. I’m certain that I’m going to have a great time.

In addition to your thoughts, the emphasis and emotion you put into them when saying or thinking it makes a world of difference. Use positive emotion to heighten the positive impact of your energizing, inspiring and relief-providing statements.

Your current relationship and your life is a reflection of the thoughts you’ve had leading up to this moment. Since you have the ability to shape your thoughts and life, focus on being positive. Express yourself, even if it’s just in your own mind with excitement, determination and confidence every day (morning and night and throughout the day) for 30 days and watch your reality shift to reflect your thoughts.

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