Relationship Expectations

Expectations can be harmful to your relationship.

Instead of operating out of obligation, a strong relationship operates out of desire.

You might be wondering how this is possible…




Without expectations, how will your partner know what constitutes loving behavior?

As reasonable, intelligent people we all know what loving behavior is. We are however, not always aware of how decisions we make impact our partners.

What keeps a relationship sacred, trusted and loving is not expectations and guidelines. It is actually, the safety and intimacy of the bond you share as a couple. Creating trust and openness in a relationship requires the courage to be vulnerable and express what you want and don’t want at all times in a kind and respectful manner.

This is essentially unconditional love. The opposite of unconditional love is fear and control. There is no room for love in an environment of fear and love, no matter how small.

In order to build cooperation between you and your partner you need to approach issues from a place of non-judgment and compassion. We are all human and have inadequacies, perceived failures and things that we are ashamed about. To solve problems, we need to approach problems from the position of a trusted ally to your partner.

If you are someone your partner can trust not to blame or criticize your partner will open up to you. In a relationship climate like this, the need for infidelity (seeking love whether emotional or otherwise elsewhere) and all forms of addiction whether it be addiction to worry, control, complaining, work, alcohol, drugs, coffee, cigarettes or whatever it may be becomes gradually reduced.

Gaining cooperation from your partner through judgement will only result in change made out of fear which is never lasting.

To have your partner make changes out of desire you will need to be 1) vulnerable enough to express your feelings and what you want 2) unconditionally loving enough to withold blame and criticism 3) aware of your power to influence positive change by becoming a safe, non-judgmental partner.

When you confront your partner out of fear instead of love you become opposed and your partner must now dig their heels in to defend the very position you’re trying to eradicate. Focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want and see how you might achieve it together without blame.

The one who brings up the problem ends up becoming the problem. When you bring up the solution (what you want) you become desired and cherished. Big difference from such a seemingly small shift in behavior and communication.

Trust that your partner wants to please you and give you the world. For this to happen your partner needs to see that you are kind and respectful and willing to allow them the freedom to be who they are. Your part is to always speak up and problem solve so that you can move forward as a team without having to rehash the past.

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