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Having a happy relationship, rewarding career, enjoyable friendships, financial security and peace of mind is next to impossible without living with integrity.

And, it can be hard to live with integrity without knowing your core values.

Integrity is thinking and acting in ways that align with your core values and principles.

You become authentic and attractive when your thoughts, communication, behavior and life choices are an expression of your highest self.

Your values represent your ideals, principles and standards for living and since you are unique, your core values will be different from everyone else’s. They can be used to steer you away from misery and chart your path toward a desirable life.

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When you live without using your values to back your actions and decisions, you end up thinking and behaving in ways that will ultimately create a live that won’t serve you.

Often living a lacklustre life includes having an unsatisfying relationship, bills that are piling up, having big secrets, feeling guilty, spending time with people that drain you, eating unhealthily, not making exercise a priority and often succumbing to the pull of distractions addictions and –isms such as workaholism, perfectionism, alcoholism, rageholism, sexaholism, religion addiction, relationship addiction, spending addiction, gathering addiction, eating addiction, compulsive care-taking and other woes that are used to numb your pain and discomfort.

If you can relate to any of this, it’s time to come into integrity and align with your values. Instead of making excuses, it’s time for action!

Knowing your values and allowing them to guide your life choices offers you a solid foundation to steady and protect you through the ups and downs of life. They provide a life raft of ease instead of frustration.

Take some time to reflect on what your values are. Pick 10 and carry them with you as a reminder of who you are and what you want.

Be steadfast in sticking to them.

Being true to your values and to your self represents your commitment to living a fulfilling life.

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