How to Release the Past


We are constantly changing.

You may have heard that the past is the best predictor of the future. The past only has power if you allow it to.

It can only influence the present and future if you refuse to let it go.

Ideally, you want to learn lessons from the past and leave the experience and the pain behind.

When you become aware of what you need to do differently so that it cannot happen again, the past loses all of its power.



What you’ll need to do differently is either communicate and behave in such a way that leaves you feeling empowered regardless of what your partner does. Although it will feel frightening and like you may lose their love, as long as you do this with kindness and respect it will always strengthen your connection.

When you change your responses in a way that ensures you are self-protective the past is no longer a threat to your happiness and you will naturally release it.

To sustain relationship happiness, it helps to know that change is not only possible, but is in fact inevitable.

Understanding this opens you up to have thoughts that help you to create what you desire instead of being held hostage to feelings such as hopelessness and despair.

Looking at, focusing on and nurturing negative experiences from your past creates doubt and anxiety. It’s this confused state that creates the perception that nothing is changing and slows down your creative energy, so that change is more painstaking than it needs to be. Without clarity of mind you actually block changes from happening without frustration and delay.

Positive change and harmony occur when you allow yourself to stay present.

The moment is where all of your power for change lies. By focusing on the present you are free to shift your perception, patterns of behavior and communication without being influenced by negative memories of the past or any predictions you may create for the future.

Becoming aware that you influence your relationship and your life by your state of mind is essential. This takes place by knowing how to stay in the present and choose thoughts that are in alignment with the life that you desire. Regardless of what is going on, insist on choosing thoughts that will benefit you.

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