11 Ways to Improve Your Love Life

Is the passion between you and your partner a thing of the past?

If your love life isn’t meeting your needs for happiness it can definitely be improved.

Physical intimacy is an important part of a healthy relationship.

When this aspect of your connection is working well it effortlessly improves every other area of your relationship.

Although it may not always be obvious, affection and attraction have as much to do with your level of confidence, self-esteem, self-respect and inner balance as they do with your appearance.


When your confidence and personal integrity is high it’s easier to possess the qualities that make you attractive and magnetic. Being flirtatious, romantic, and carefree are automatic when you’re feeling great.

If you’d like to give your love life a boost, consider behaving like you did when you first met your partner.

  • Dress for romantic success
  • Experiment by treating your partner ‘as if’ your love life is picture perfect
  • Take good care of yourself by exercising and eating healthily
  • Get rid of negative thoughts and stress
  • Maintain a confident attitude
  • Empower yourself
  • Raise your standards
  • Be excited to see your partner
  • Accentuate your love vibe by dropping pet names such as baby, honey, dear etc.
  • Become more mysterious and interesting by starting a new hobby
  • Invest time, energy and money in yourself

In addition to these ideas, clean out your mental, emotional, financial and physical closets to reclaim your life and get your mojo back.

Examples of cleaning up your life include paying off your debts, doing your taxes, getting a job you like, organizing your home, de-cluttering your closets, donating or selling books, clothes and other items you no longer use, reconnecting with your friends and staying connected and putting some zest into your wardrobe.

Remember that self-respect includes making yourself scarce (out of desire rather than anger) when your partner doesn’t desire you. Get really busy with your own life! Ideally, this should be a given; a natural and integral ebb and flow; the dance if you will, of love.

Self-respect is intrinsically tied to your integrity and life objectives. What goals do you have that aren’t getting your attention? Perhaps it’s time to tackle your dreams.

Having a happy life outside of your partner is intoxicating; while giving your power away, demanding, begging, sulking, throwing tantrums and issuing ultimatums is always unattractive. There’s nothing sexier than a partner who’s passionate about his or her purpose.

Many couples desire more intimacy in their relationships but become complacent or confused about what to do about it. All change begins within.

You’ll be surprised how much energy you can free up for love by getting your personal life in order.

Is there something small you can do to start living the life you long for and deserve? Give it a shot and see if your love life doesn’t start to improve.

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