How to Focus on Yourself to Improve Your Relationship

Has your partner all but given up on your relationship?

Does it seem like you’re the only one still struggling to fight the good fight for your love?

If you’re experiencing something like this it’s not the time invest in your union. It is however a sure sign that you’re losing yourself. Perhaps you lost yourself a long time ago.

If anything, it’s time to surrender your relationship and start fighting for you.


This doesn’t mean that you leave your partner, instead see that you have nothing to give right now.

Is it possible that they’re giving up on you, because the real YOU… the intelligent, vibrant, sexy, bold and attractive person they fell in love with actually exited the relationship a long time ago?

Your power to transform your relationship lies in your ability to empower yourself.

You are not a victim and you are not your partner’s parent, buddy, child, caretaker, boss or therapist.

In fact, you don’t have all the answers, but what you do have is the wisdom you need to put yourself first, so that you can become the whole, magnetic and powerful person that you need to be in order to create a sustain a lifetime of love.

The only way you can transform your partnership is by becoming the person you know you truly are.

What are YOUR dreams, YOUR passions and YOUR purpose?

Discovering these and taking hold of them as though YOUR very life depends on it will give YOU the energy YOU need to go on. Is it possible that you exchanged your essence to keep your partner’s love? The only person capable of influencing your partner to step up and be the one you need them to be is your very best self.

Be honest. Are you truly the best version of yourself? Are you living up to your potential?

Isn’t it time that you stepped up for yourself?

Someone has to go first. Your partner is probably not giving you the love that you deserve. Perhaps they are disconnected, disinterested in making love and all stressed out about their work and/or other life circumstances.

Underneath all of this, they are are surely the one you need, just like underneath all of the stress, you are every bit the one they need. Stop giving to your partner and start to give and invest int yourself.

Find the pot of gold at the end of your rainbow so that you can appreciate, trust and respect your partner from a place of authenticity.

It’s time to step out of your distorted house of mirrors and give your true love the opportunity to mirror the best in you.

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