Get Unstuck

Do you have difficulty making your own decisions?

Ever feel unappreciated or taken for granted?

What about feeling guilty for considering doing what’s best for you at the expense of someone you love?

If so, you might just find yourself a little or a lot stuck in your life.

Why is that?

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Second-guessing your life choices, being taken for granted and feeling guilty stem from not trusting and expressing your inner voice.

You know those gut feelings you have? That’s your inner voice. Being able to listen to, rely on and express your inner voice and your truth confidently is what gets you unstuck and back on the path leading to your best life.

So, how do you learn to trust your own voice?

By becoming comfortable with what you may perceive as selfishness. It’s not… it’s really self-love.

Self-love includes spending quiet time alone to sort through your thoughts, feelings and desires. It allows you to have compassion for yourself while you become re-acquainted with your values, likes, dislikes, favorite pastimes, needs and dreams AND find your voice, one step at a time.

I’ll bet you are a sensitive, generous and loving person who often puts others’ needs ahead of your own and that being stuck has got you feeling confused, tired and emotional.

It’s time for you to regain control of your life so that you can create the harmony you deserve.

Make time in your busy schedule just for you. Use this time to reflect and relax. Have some fun. Jot down some of your thoughts. Dream a little.

Contemplate what you’d be doing if your life wasn’t so hectic and burdensome. Think BIG! Dare to spend time doing some of the activities you really enjoy. If you don’t have any… find some!

Doing new things changes your perspective and loosens up inertia, which helps you to get unstuck and free flow into the good life.

Inspired change creates the clarity to find solutions and the confidence to express yourself authentically.

Trust that you have the wisdom within to put yourself first and get your needs met. To access your inner voice you must slow your life down. Your intuition will not compete with the busy-ness of life.

What can you do to carve out some quiet, alone time each and every day? Just 5 minutes a day is a great place to start!

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