Are You Ready for More Love?

Spring is the perfect time to create successful changes in your love life by reflecting, reinventing, revitalizing, redesigning and reprioritizing.

Before you get started on making changes, you’ll want to get really clear on exactly what relationship shifts you’d like to see happen in your life.

If you knew you couldn’t fail what kind of relationship future would you design?

Do you long for more affection, romance and fun?  Would you like more emotional security?

The only real limitations that exist are the ones you create for yourself. It’s true that it takes two to tango and that any relationship worth having will take input from both of you, but your ability to influence change in your life is always an incredible strength.

Imagine your new and improved relationship is going to show up tomorrow. From now on you’re going to be having great conversations, romance, shared dreams, fun, laughter and intimacy – your days of feeling disconnected, unimportant and undesirable are done an over.

Are you ready? Is your heart open? Are you willing to receive? Does the thought of your dream relationship showing up now fill you with excitement or dread?

If you’re excited then hold the vision in place with a continuous high vibration and act as though it’s already happened. For example, walk in the door and greet your partner the way you used to way back in the beginning (likely with attention and laughter).

Not ready?

If this scares you it’s time to uncover why.

What do you need to do before you’re ready? Spend time figuring out what changes you need to make for your vision to become a reality.

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