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We are living in an incredibly busy world. And, although there are so many great reasons to live in the city; night life, music, cuisine, sports, shopping, education, theatre, nature and festivals to name just a few, the fast pace our hectic everydayathon can really take a toll on us if we don’t take time to dial back, unplug from time to time and make self care a priority.

Without balance, on top of the stress from our career, relationship, family, friendships, health and finances, living in a city that literally never sleeps can sometimes lead to feelings of exhaustion, overwhelm, frustration, uncertainty and isolation. All too frequently, symptoms of anxiety, depression, insomnia, inability to focus and other concerns can also start to make their presence known.

For more than a decade, the therapists at Susan Blackburn Psychology have helped Millennials and Gen Xers successfully understand how everyday stressors impact emotional health so that they can navigate the nuances of living a busy life in a way that remains meaningful and fulfilling despite the whirlwind of our modern lifestyle.

In addition to offering stress management skills and improved methods of coping with difficult situations, we help our clients increase their confidence, build self-esteem, improve their relationships, strengthen communication, get to know themselves better, set and attain personal and professional goals, manage and express difficult emotions, change patterns of behaviour and overcome obstacles to success.

We offer our clients unique solutions and effective strategies for change by integrating a number of therapies such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), mindfulness meditation, client-centred therapy and interpersonal therapy to best suit each individual’s needs on their path to achieving the happiness, sense of peace and wellbeing they desire.

Counselling, psychotherapy and psychological services for individuals and couples is the foundation of our work, but throughout the year we also provide brief group therapy. Group therapy is a highly beneficial way of receiving support and gaining new skills either in addition to individual therapy, or on its own. Some of the topics we cover in our therapy groups include: life balance, stress management, mindfulness meditation, anxiety, confidence building, assertiveness and relationships.

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