7 Ways to Increase Your Energy with the Winter Blues

Are you familiar with various ways to increase your energy with the winter blues?

Many people experience the winter blues once Fall arrives and the sun appears for a shorter duration each day.

7 Ways to Increase Your Energy with the Winter Blues

Winter blues, which typically affects most people to some degree, is the mild version of seasonal affective disorder (SAD), where a pattern of low mood causing some distress is experienced every fall for several months until it lifts in the spring.

Each year, as summer comes to a close, a few shifts in your thinking and behavior can go a long way to compensate for the lack of sunshine and the natural boost it provides.

How so?


1. Become aware of your thoughts – positive thinking makes a big difference in your mood and the quality of your life

2. Eliminate fear – the acronym for F.E.A.R. is False Expectations Appearing Real – do your best to make choices out of desire and take action instead of worrying

3. Surround yourself with optimistic people that inspire and motivate you to be your best self – positivity is contagious and will help to lift your mood

4. Engage in something you’re passionate about – spending time doing something you enjoy gives you a focus in your life and makes you feel more self-confident

5. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude – being appreciative shifts your mindset into one that looks at the bright side and seeks to find opportunity in your experiences

6. Honor your need to take care of yourself first and foremost – generosity starts within and self care will always increase your energy reserves

7. Pay attention to your feelings by sitting quietly and reflecting or even meditating – sometimes a break from the stresses of life is all you need to get back on track

Consistency is key here. We’d love to hear from you!

Let us know what your experience is trying these ideas out. Here are a couple of excellent articles If you’d like to get more suggestions for success during the winter season or just want to be able to try out some new energy increasing activities.

Start slowly and build your way up to having these steps become a habit while incorporating these 7 ways to increase your energy with the winter blues into your way of life.

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